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With over ten years in the field and having helped hundreds of children each week, Shepherd now educates parents with newer head lice information and techniques that really work. 

New book provides parents with an effective step by step process for eliminating head lice and includes color photos to guide their way.

The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal” is the “how to” book that parents have long been waiting for. From proper identification to strand by strand nit removal, The Shepherd Method guides parents every step of the way towards a successful end to their families head lice infestation. “Lice Advice – The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal” shares tricks of the trade, ensuring parents greater success in the tedious task of removing lice and their nits. Parents often ask, “What is the secret? Which product really works?” Shepherd, however, maintains that the real secret is in knowing what you are doing and taking the time to do it right.

If you are concerned about exposing your children to harsh chemicals that don’t work: if you want to get your kids back to school and you back to work as quickly as possible, Katie Shepherd and Lice Solutions are the answer. Lice Solutions is where I send my patients, and yes, unfortunately, my family too.
Cheryl E. Wayne MD, F.A.A.P.,Palm Beach Pediatrics, West Palm Beach, Fl.

Clearing up the misconceptions surrounding this parasite with the latest information, Katie Shepherd’s Lice Advice puts parents’ minds at ease by clarifying why lice thrive and, most importantly, how to safely and effectively rid the nits from children’s hair.
Jenna Greditor, Editor, PARENTGUIDE

Katie Shepherd is to be congratulated on this new book which continues her dedicated efforts to eliminate the frustrations and potential risks of treating head lice infestations, a continuing cause of stress, anxiety and social stigma for millions of children and parents.
Nick Spring, CEO, Topaz Pharmaceuticals Inc.

I consider Katie Shepherd to be an expert in the field of head lice treatment and education. I believe a book describing the Shepherd Method will be a welcome addition to the head lice treatment literature.
Shirley Gordon, PhD, RN Christine E Lynn School of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University

Katie Shepherd is the Founder and CEO of the Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions. The Shepherd Institute provides ongoing training and certification for those seeking a career in lice removal, as well as clinical research in product testing and data collection. Recognized as one of the top lice experts in the industry, Shepherd has traveled around the world offering help where none was available. With over ten years in the field and working methodically through the hair, Shepherd now shares her process of strand-by-strand nit removal with readers around the world.

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