(Drafted from http://www.femalefirst.co.uk on 23-Dec-2008 by Laura Terry)

It’s the battle that has raged on for years, and since a recent survey has revealed that men actually prefer long wavy hair to short pixie crops, who do you think has the edge?

Well, Cheryl Cole can claim responsibility for making hair extensions and backcombing cool again, as she was recently crowed as having the most beautiful hair, which we wholeheartedly agree with.

However, most women would struggle to maintain that polished look everyday, and we suspect Cheryl has some help with taming her locks of a morning too. So why is it the most popular hairstyle of the year?

Perhaps it has something to do with Cheryl’s profile being raised massively this year compared to the last few. Her appearance on X Factor as a judge have thrust her into the public spotlight even more, and with that comes people dissecting both her style and her hair.

That said, Victoria Beckham’s pixie crop has arguably been the most talked about hairstyle of the past year. She managed to completely outshine Jennifer Lopez and pal, Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week by unveiling her new look.

However, while the Pob created a worldwide storm of women copying her look, this new style has been met with caution as it’s so severely short and many people would struggle to pull off such a style.

Each year the catwalk gives us some amazing hair inspiration, ranging from boho chic to dome woman but this year has undoubtedly been the year of the crop, with Sarah Harding, Katie Holmes and Kimberley Stewart all sporting shorter do’s.

Agyness Deyn is now synonymous with her hairstyle and is one of the few supermodels to actually have short hair. Most, including Jourdan Dunn have long locks that can be styled into a range of different looks.

However, if Deyn did have long hair there’s a sense she would loose her identity on the catwalk, and anyone who has seen her in the Jean Paul Gaultier adverts will know that long locks are not really her friend.

So who comes out on top this year? Well we have to say that 2008 has definitely been the year of the crop. Roll on 2009!

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