(Drafted from http://www.3news.co.nz on 10-Dec-2008)

British hairdresser Andrew Collinge does more than just cut hair. With more than 30 years in the industry, he is one of the most sought after stylists in the world.

He has cut royalty, the rich and famous, and is prominent at the world’s major fashion shows.

He also runs a string of salons in the UK, and has his own product range which sells in supermarkets around the world.

Mr Collinge is so highly regarded by the British monarchy that he styled the countess of Wessex on her wedding day.

He also styled Autumn Kelly earlier this year when she married Peter Phillips – son of Princess Anne.

Mr Collinge is in New Zealand for a bit of work and some R&R.

His style advice for ladies in New Zealand is straight is out.

“So put the heated rollers in and get some curl in the hair and get some shine in the hair get some bounce get some body get some fullness,” he says. “It’s sort of A-list hair people want these days.”

In these-cash strapped times, Mr Collinge advises against going for cheaper cuts, which is hardly surprising given who he is.

However, his advice on product is somewhat different.

“I would say I wouldn’t scrimp on the salon on your cut but you can definitely save money and you should shop around for good quality products.”

And if you do not already own a pair of hair straightness, which are very popular, do not buy them because Mr Collinge says that look is on the way out.

“I think the sort of very sleek very straight look is sort of a bit passé,” he says. “People are not putting curl in their hair so again it’s something you could do very easily at home.”

So straighteners are out, curlers are in and if you want low maintenance, then you should go posh.

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